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World Famous Hackers

Hacking has become a normal problem for large companies. No one seems to be able to prevent these attacks until it is too late. From hacking government computers and military agencies all the way to weapons data, today’s article lists some of the most famous hackers of all time.

Security companies like sharktech play a cat and mouse game with the world’s hackers. Sharktech is a huge security operation that protects business from malicious hacks and data leaks.

1.    John McAfee

Founder of the massively successful security company McAfee antivirus, john knows a thing or two about hacking. He once lived in Belize for a short period of time, where he studied plants. He was working in a lab on psychoactive plants and became under fire for apparently creating drugs in this lab.

The Belizean government then tried to blackmail McAfee, seeking money in exchange for their cooperation. McAfee didn’t think much of this offer and then hacked the entire Belizean government system. He gained access to hundreds of files that talk about corruption, murder and many more criminal activities involving the government.

After the hack, McAfee had to smuggle himself out of the country to avoid jail. He faked a heart attack and his own death to escape the country! He lays low today after annoying most of the western governments.


2.    Astra

His real name is unknown. Astra is a Greek hacker who would routinely hack and steal information from the largest weapon manufacturers and suppliers in the world. He would get access to highly top secret weapon blueprints and sell them to the highest bidder. One of his hacks reportedly cost $360 million to the victim company.

He was arrested in 2008 and found to be a 58 year old mathematician. He was sentenced to six years in jail and was released in 2014.