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Sticky post Things to Bring with you to France

Thinking of making the move to the south of France? You’re not alone, with net migration increasing year on year. Many brits are taking to plunge and heading over the channel. With uk removals to france becoming easier to hire and source, now is the time to make that move!

uk removals to france

Moving overseas isn’t something to be done overnight, you should most certainly take a short trip to your desired locations. Just to make sure you like the area before committing to the move. Most of all to see if your UK removals to France company can accommodate what you need!

Today we are making a list of things to bring with you when you check out your potential moving destination!

Sunscreen and hat

It gets pretty hot down in the south of France, you are going to want to stock up on cream and hats before you go. All around the med you can find retailers that sell sun cream, but the prices are hugely inflated because of the need for the product in those areas. It’s better to plan ahead and bring them from Blighty!


Did we mention how hot it gets in the south of France? You should bring some adequate footwear for your visit. Walking around the beach with trainers and socks is not recommended, you will only end up taking them off and looking a fool as you walk around the place bare footed, while carrying your shoes and socks. Instead, take some sandals, and let your feet breathe in the cool Mediterranean air!

Cotton Clothes

Clothes that can breathe are essential in any country that is warmer than the UK. south of France included. If you stick to polyester of some other warm clothing, you are going to absolutely melt under the sun. Choose clothes that can breathe and let the air pass through. This keeps your body cool and prevents dehydration or sun stroke.