Month: December 2016

The misconceptions of witchcraft spells

Let us endeavor to make yet another contribution to clear up the misconceptions on behalf of all Wiccans and those who wish to place their faith and trust in the devotees. We would not be the first to have attempted this, but, as they say, every modest bit helps. Let us clear up the biggest misconception about the casting of witchcraft spells. It is not designed to sow discontent or, worse still, evil. In fact, most devotees warn of the consequences.

It has to be acknowledged that the powerful forces of nature and what is not known or seen in the spirit world are not to be trifled with. All you need do is just observe what havoc extreme weather patterns have wreaked on humankind these days. It is persuasively argued that this all man’s doing, in spite of all the warnings that were issued beforehand. It remains a sad fact of life to have to concede that there are still far too many people out there who believe that the practice of witchcraft is inherently evil, something which it is not.

But isn’t it also true that many people are questioning the very faiths in which they were brought up with. As they pose questions, they do not do an introspection of their own lives which caused them to wander off of the straight and narrow. This caused them to lose touch with the true essence of their faith, becoming lost in their own dark, secular worlds. They became easily influenced by other doubters who have been misconceived as pagans.

witchcraft spells

In ancient times the pagan was considered to be an unbeliever. The Wicca religion has today turned that notion on its head. Today, we understand that it is the atheists who do not believe. They don’t believe in anything at all.